WElcome to Smokin' Oak

How did Smokin' Oak become America's smoked meat sensation?

Because unlike those "store-bought" jerky products that use meat substitutes and artificial flavorings - Smokin' Oak always starts with top cuts of meats and the highest-quality ingredients available.

Our secret homemade recipes include dozens of unique seasonings, exotic spices, and distinctive hardwood flavorings. And because we only sell our products directly to you, rather than through retail outlets, you're guaranteed the freshest, most flavorful smoked meat experience anywhere. That's why over the past 25 years, Smokin' Oak has over one million satisfied customers. And the news gets even better....

Up until now, Smokin' Oak smoked meat products were only available at exhibitor shows and through mail order. But now thanks to the Smokin' Oak website, you too can find out why Smokin' Oak has achieved such overwhelming growth.

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